AFM / SPM Discs

Magnetic metal specimen support discs are used on the AFM and SPM systems which employ a button magnet to hold the metal specimen disc. The Nano-Tec metal specimen discs are made of a magnetic type 430 stainless steel with a nominal thickness of 0.90mm and a tolerance of +/- 0.08mm. The smooth edges and flat surfaces of the Nano-Tec AFM / SPM discs ensure secure holding by the button magnet. Specimens can be mounted directly on the metal discs with double sided tape, epoxy or conductive paste. If a mica specimen support is needed, the mica discs can be easily mounted on the metal support discs. The metals specimen support discs are currently offered in:
  • Bright stainless steel Nano-Tec metal AFM / SPM specimen discs. They are cleaned after manufacturing to remove the dull grey oxide layer you will find on other brands on AFM/ SPM discs. Available in the most 4 diameters: 10, 12, 15 and 20mm. Packaged in a plastic tube of 50 each.
  • Gold plated Nano-Tec metal AFM / SPM specimen discs with 1µm of pure gold. Gold is an inert metal with high electrical and thermal conductivity and resist electromigration as a chemically inert material. Available in the most 4 diameters: 10, 12, 15 and 20mm. Packaged in a the 40-100808 AFM disc storage box.
Metal-Specimen-Support-Discs-for-AFM-and-SPM 40-10AU-Gold plated Nano-Tec AFM-SPM specimen discs