EM-Tec Faraday cup

The EM-Tec B100 Faraday cup has been designed to enable precise beam current measurements on SEM, FESEM, FIB, EPMA or Microprobe systems. Precise beam current measurement are useful for quantititive X-ray analysis and for consistent and reproducible X-ray mappings and line scans.

The EM-Tec B100 features a 100µm diameter hole with a wider cavity inside. This Faraday cup needs to be mounted on a sample stub or sample holder with carbon conductive cement. It uses the existing grounding path on the specimen stage for measuring absorbed current. The small aperture opening of 100µm and the larger cavity behind the aperture prevent backscatter electrons from escaping. All primary, backscatter and virtually all secondary electrons are absorbed in the EM-Tec B100 Faraday cup.

The result is an absorption efficiency of 99% or better for electrons and ions in the 2-30kV range. The EM-Tec B100 Faraday cup is made from brass with overall dimensions of 2.5mm diameter and 2mm high. The aperture hole is 100µm and the inside cavity dimensions are approximately Ø1.4x1.5mm

Select point mode on your system and direct the beam into the middle of the hole of the Faraday cup. If the instrument your are using does not include an absorbed current meter, a separate Pico-ammeter needs to be connected.

Product # Material Outside Diameter Height Hole size Cavity size
#36-000800 Brass 2.5mm 2mm Ø100µm Ø1.4 x 1.5mm


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