Micro-Tec Tablet Press and Tablet Punch Die Kit


Determining the chemical composition of a fine powder with SEM/EDS can be sometimes difficult. Pressing the fine powder into a tablet (if needed with a bonding compound) simplifies handling. By providing a flat surface, the overall analytical results can be improved. It also reduces possible contamination of the SEM with fine powder. If needed the tablet can be coated with a carbon film to provide conductivity.  Tablet presses are also used for XRF applications. There are two tablet presses available:

  •  Micro-Tec MTB manual tablet press for Ø3, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm tablets. Manual press with integrated tablet mold, punch and die. Overall size is 185 x 120 x 210mm with a handle length of 195mm.  Weight is 4.6kg; made from carbon steel.
  • Micro-Tec TPD tablet punch die kit for Ø6, 9 and 12mm tablets. A hammer or separate press is needed to form the tablets.  Consists of 4 pieces. Overall dimensions are Ø43 x 175mm. Weight is 0.9Kg; made from carbon steel.


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