Quick-check Gauges

The Micro-Tec Quick-check vacuum test gauge enables a quick and easy way to test vacuum performance, test pump-down time and determine leaks in vacuum lines. Since the Micro-Tec Quick-check vacuum gauge doesn't require an external power source, it is ideal for field applications or in remote locations. The Micro-Tec Quick-check vacuum gauge is equally useful in the lab for quick performance test on vacuum pumps, vacuum lines, vacuum coating systems, vacuum ovens, etc.

This affordable tool should be a standard item in any vacuum servicing tool box. The Micro-Tec Quick-check vacuum test includes a triple scale read-out on a Ø50mm dial (0 to -1 bar / 0 to -100kPa / 0 to -30 inches Hg). The gauge is housed in a robust steel case and has a clear glass window. Standard vacuum connection is 1/4” NPT thread in brass. Additionally, versions are available with DN16KF, DN25KF and DN40KF quick change KF vacuum flanges. Features of the Micro-Tec Quick-check vacuum test gauges are
  • Compact analog dial type vacuum gauge
  • No power needed
  • Ideal for field and remote locations
  • Robust metal casing
  • Quick vacuum check
  • Vacuum range in bar, kPa and inches of Hg
  • 1/4” NPT connection standard
  • Optional DN16KF, DN25KF and DN40KF vacuum flanges

SKU # 61-010001-6 61-010001-16 61-010001-25 61-010001-40
Vacuum connections 1/4” NPT male DN16KF NW 16 DN25KF NW 25 DN40KF NW 40
Dimensions 52 x 29 x 72mm 52 x 29 x 84mm 52 x 29 x 84mm 52 x 29 x 90mm
  • Dial - Ø50mm
  • Vacuum range - 0 to -1bar, 0 to -100kPa, 0 to -30 inches Hg
  • Accuracy - +/1 4%
  • Internal construction - brass
  • Window - glass
  • Use temperature - -20°C to +60°C



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