Acoustic Enclosures

The silentLab acoustic enclosures have been especially developed to reduce the noise level generated by vacuum pumps and water chillers used with SEMs, TEMs, FIB-SEM systems, mass spectrometers and vacuum ovens. If there is no opportunity to move the vacuum pumps and/or the water chiller to a separate room, the noise level generated by the pumps and/or the water chiller can be irritating and destracting. Using a silentLab acoustic enclosure will reduce the noise level to acceptable levels and allows operators to concentrate on the task at hand.

The silentLab acoustic enclosures are sophisticated and safe soundproofing boxes which are placed over the noisy vacuum pump or water chiller. They facilitate power and vacuum pumping lines, provide cooling and will let the vacuum pump or water chiller operate at full specifications. Originally designed for SEMs, TEMs, FIB-SEM systems and mass spectrometers, but equally useful for other system with noisy rotary vacuum pumps.

Features of the premium silentLab noise reduction boxes are:
  • Noise reduction approx. 15dB to 12dB depending on type.
  • Robust all metal construction with high performance acoustic foam
  • Acoustic foam with optimised pattern to reduce low frequency noise
  • IEC mains connectors with fuse for easy installation
  • Available as 230V or 115V systems
  • Fans are only switched on when the rotary pump is running
  • Sophisticated air flow system with low noise high capacity fans
  • Integrated digital thermometer
  • Top lid for easy service access
  • Powder-coated oil and water resistant surface in light blue RAL5005
  • Flammability rating to DIN 75200 / FMVSS 302
  • Internal KF25 installation kit included
Model silentLab 4 silentLab 5 silentLab 6 silentLab 7
Noise reduction 15dB 15dB 12dB 12dB
Designed for Single rotary pump Large single rotary pump Two rotary pumps Water chiller
Compatible with (similar to) Edwards RV12 / RV18 Edwards XDS10 / nXDS10 Adixen/Varian/Agilent2010L Edwards E2M28 Adixen 2033SD Pfeiffer DUO 20M 2 x Edwards RV12 2 x Adixen 2010L V.d. Heyden 004
Voltage 230V / 115V 230V / 115V 230V / 115V 230V / 115V
Power rating Fused 2300W Fused 2300W Fused 2300W Fused 2300W
Power connections IEC sockets IEC sockets IEC sockets IEC sockets
Outside dimensions 500 x 500 x 800mm 500 x 500 x 900mm 500 x 500 x 800mm 800 x 900 x 850mm
Inside dimensions 400 x 450 x 700mm 400 x 450 x 800mm 440 x 450 x 740mm 530 x 580 x 740
Weight 20kg 23kg 20kg 35kg
Product # 60-001040 (230V) 60-001041 (115V) 60-001050 (230V) 60-001051 (115V) 60-001060 (230V) 60-001061 (115V) 60-001070 (230V) 60-001071 (115V)


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