The silentLab acoustic enclosures have been especially developed to reduce the noise level generated by vacuum pumps and water chillers used with SEMs, TEMs and FIB-SEM systems. If there is no opportunity to move the vacuum pumps and/or the water chiller to a separate room, the noise level generated by the pumps and/or the water chiller can be irritating and destracting. Using a silentLab acoustic enclosure will reduce the noise level to acceptable levels and allows operators to concentrate on the task at hand.

The silentLab acoustic enclosures are sophisticated and safe soundproofing boxes which are placed over the noisy vacuum pump or water chiller. They facilitate power and vacuum pumping lines, provide cooling and will let the vacuum pump or water chiller operate at full specifications. Originally designed for SEMs, TEMs and FIB-SEM systems, but equally useful for other system with noisy rotary vacuum pumps.