TEM Sample Prep

Sample preparation for TEM requires thinning the sample so far that it becomes transparent to the electron beam. Mechanical sample thinning must use thecniques to avoid deformation of the sample. Mechanical thinning is also used prior to ino-beam thinning for cross sectional samples. For mechanical sample preparation for TEM samples (and in some cases small SEM samples), th e following tools and instruments are offered:
  • Microsaw MS3 for precise cutting of hard materials
  • Micropol MC3 for precise polishing of TEM samples
  • Microheat MH4 for thermoplastic bonding of samples
  • X-TEM full sample preparation kit with Microsaw MS3, Micropol MC3 and Microheat MH4
  • X-TEM HSS handtools kit for sample preparation
  • X-TEM titanium embedding discs and consumables for TEM sample preparation

All instruments are supplied with universal voltage: 100-240V / 50-60Hz.