Microsaw MS3 for precise cutting of sample under a stereo microscope

The Microsaw MS3 is a compact versatile diamond wheel which can be easily mounted under a stero microscopes due to is small size. It is especially designed for cutting and sectioning as required during TEM sample preparation of solid and hard materials.

The Microsaw MS3 comprises a precise helical drive train with reduced backlash to ensure precise and reproducible sectioning with 0.01mm accuracy. The cutting speed of the diamond wheel is continuously adjustable. The specimen is mounted on the arm with adjustable tension, arm contact point and integrated downstop control mechanism. Supplied with diamons wheel. Adjutable feet for levelling. The diamond cutting wheel runs in a reservoir for coolant.
  • Precise cutting with low deformation
  • Compact; fits under a stereo microscope
  • Easy and quick to use

Specifications of the Microsaw MS3

Sample size Max. 10 x10mm
Minimum slice thickness 0.01mm
Speed range 35 – 410 rpm
Diamond wheel dimensions Ø50 x 0.15mm
Diamond wheel type AC32 with 63/50um grit
Motor power 12V DC / 1.5A / 18W
Power input 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Dimensions 260 x 150 x 80mm


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