CS-20NG AFM XYZ calibration standard, 20nm Z, unmounted


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The CS-20NG is an XYZ calibration standard with a 20nm calibrated height. It consists of silicon dioxide structures on a 5x5mm silicon chip. The fabrication process guarantees excellent uniformity of the structures across the chip. The calibration area is located in the centre of the silicon chip and consists of a larger square of 1x1mm with square pillars and holes with a 10µm pitch. In the centre of this square resides a medium square of 500×500µm with circular pillars and holes with a 5µm pitch. The small square in the centre has a size of 100×100µm and contains circular holes with a 500nm pitch.
This design of the nanogrid allows for both laterial and vertical scanner calibration. The structure symmetry of the CS-20NG enables calibrating your AFM system in one step without rotating the sample in between X- and Y-axis calibration.
The CS-20NG is supplied either mounted on a 12mm metal AFM disc using electrically conductive epoxy resin or unmounted. The exact height value is stated on the label of the CS-20NG.


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