EM-Tec NI41 strong and good conductive nickel cement, 25g bottle


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The EM-Tec NI41 conductive glue with nickel is an excellent alternative when silver or carbon cement are not required. It is a strong acrylic based glue with excellent bonding properties, good conductivity and affordable pricing. Same tough acrylic binder used for the carbon and silver cement. Conductivity is between silver and carbon conductive cements. Can be used for permanent bonding of SEM samples to sample stubs.

It has the consistency of a paste. Dries relatively quickly, depending on thickness; drying goes quicker with moderate heat up to 65°C. Can be used on flexible surfaces. Solvent is acetone, solution contains approximately 50% nickel, acrylic based binder. EM-Tec NI41 shows very good conductivity when dry. Supplied in a 30cc glass bottle with 25g contents and separate brush.

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