EM-Tec Sn on C resolution standard 7, 10-100nm,unmounted


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EM-Tec Sn on C resolution standard 6, 10-100nm

Tin on carbon resolution test specimen with tin spheres on a carbon substrate The tin sphere size range is 10-100nm. Carbon substrate size is 6mm diameter with 2mm height. The nearly perfect round spheres make it easy to correct distortion, astigmatism and image shift and to adjust for correct contrast and brightness. This resolution standard has a relative smooth layer and is intended for use at higher magnifications; 30,000x and higher on standard SEMs and FESEMs. This resolution standard has a square mesh grid pattern to facilitate locating and positioning.
Available unmounted or mounted on the most popular SEM stubs. If you work with multiple SEM platforms, look at our SEM stub adapter page. The SEM stub adapters enable you to use a single resolution standard on all SEMs.

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