Micro-Tec M43 clear plastic membrane box, hinged, 210x75x27mm


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The Micro-Tec plastic membrane boxes consist of a two part polystyrene box with thin micro-porous polyurethane membranes in both top and base. Parts and samples are held between the elastic plastic membranes which partly mold around the object and keep it safely suspended in air. The plastic membranes are surprisingly strong and elastic, but sharp edges and needle points can potentially damage the membrane. The Micro-Tec membrane boxes are ideal for storage, protection, display and transport of parts and samples. The useful membrane area is somewhat smaller than the box dimensions. Select a size such that the part or sample will easily fit into the box; see dimensions in the specifications table below. Available in 6 practical sizes, with hinges and clasp on all but the smallest box:


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Inside dimensions

Outside dim.

13-012035 M43 PS/PU Yes Clear Each 190x55x23mm    WxDxH 210x75x27mm

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Weight 200 g


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