Sample Stub Adapters

The Em-Tec SEM stub adapters enable the use of all common types of SEM stubs or mounts in your SEM. Advantages of the cost-effective and practical EM-Tec SEM stub adapters are:
  • sample mounting independent of SEM platform
  • save time with no need to re-mount samples
  • use calibration and resolution standards mounted on different stubs
  • no need to risk sample integrity
  • enables collaborative investigation of samples

There are basically 5 common types of SEM sample stubs:

  • Standard pin stubs with standard 9.5mm long pin used on FEI, Philips, Tescan, Phenom, Aspex, RJ Lee, Cambridge Instruments, Leica, CamScan, ETEC and Novascan SEMs and SEM/FIB systems
  • Zeiss pin stubs with short 6mm pin for Zeiss and LEO SEMs, CrossBeams and SEM/FIB systems
  • Plain cylinder stubs for JEOL SEMs and SEM/FIB systems
  • Hitachi cylinder stubs with M4 threaded base for Hitachi SEMs and FIBs
  • Plain cylinder stubs for ISI, ABT, Topcon SEMs

For each of the above type mentioned SEM stubs there are EM-Tec SEM stub adapters available. The EM-Tec SEM stub adapters are essentially made with the base of one type of an SEM stub and a top compatible with another type of SEM sample stub.

The EM-Tec SEM stub adaptors are all constructed of vacuum grade aluminium and made to original manufacturers specifications. The Hitachi stub extensions are made from self-lubricating brass with aluminium locking ring. EM-Tec SEM stub adapters types are available as:

  • Pin stub adapters for using other SEM stubs in pin type SEMs such as FEI, Philips, Tescan, Phenom, Aspex, Cambridge Instruments, Leica, etc. These can be used in Amray systems as well.
  • Short pin stub adapters for using other SEM stubs in Zeiss and LEO SEMs
  • JEOL stub adapters for using other pin stubs and Hitachi stubs in JEOL SEMs
  • Hitachi M4 stub adapters for using pin stubs and JEOL stubs in Hitachi SEMs
  • Other SEM stub adapters for less common SEMs such as ISI/ABT/Topcon and Agilent/Keysight
  • Metal slide adapter to accommodate pin stubs on reflected light microscopes

For labs with multiple SEM platforms or for those who are regularly using diferent brands of SEMs, we offer the EM-Tec universal SEM stub adapter set. This universal SEM stub adapter set includes pin stub adapters, JEOL stub adapters (up to 25mm) and Hitachi stub adapters, all both ways. If you can't find the SEM stub or mount adapter you are looking for, please contact us. We might be able to offer a different solution or can manufacture custom SEM stub adapters.