Smooth side wall EM-Tec FIB lift-out grids, Mo, 3 posts


Unit – vial/25


A common problem with Mo FIB lift-out grids is the roughness of the side wall. It takes valuable FIB time to smooth out the sidewall of the standard molybdenum FIB lift-out grids to enable secure mounting of the TEM lamellas. To solve this common problem and to reduce cost at the FIB, we have developed smooth side wall Mo EM-Tec FIB lift-out grids. They are made with a unique manufacturing process with the result that  smoothing with the FIB is virtually eliminated or reduced to a faction of the time previously needed. These unique Mo EM-Tec FIB lift-out grids have three posts and a thickness of 45-55µm. Packaging size is vial/25.

  • Smooth side wall Mo grids
  • Virtually eliminate FIB smoothing before mounting
  • Takes less valuable FIB time
  • Reduce overall costs
  • Improved lamellae mounting
 3 post FIB lift-out grid
 post sizes 125×200 & 80×200µm
  use for attaching multiple TEM lamellas

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Weight 10 g


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