Lift-out FIB Grids

The EM-Tec FIB grids have been devised for lift-out techniques with FIB or SEM/FIB systems. They offer a secure way to attach the TEM lamellas to the posts of the grid. The TEM lamella can then be easily imaged in the SEM/FIB, TEM or used for EBSD analysis. The EM-Tec FIB grids are available in multiple post configurations. The shape of the Em-Tec FIB lift-out grids has been optimized for accessibility. The EM-Tec FIB lift-out grids are compatible with all standard 3mm TEM grid holders. All EM-Tec FIB lift-out grids have a number etched into the left side of the FIB lift-out grid to distinguish front and back. This number corresponds with the number of posts on the grid. For easy post identification, there are unique symbols beneath each post. Available both in copper and molybdenum.

Copper EM-Tec FIB lift out grids

The copper EM-Tec FIB lift-out grids are available with either 2, 3, 4 or 5 posts. Thickness is 30-40µm, which makes them more rigid then standard TEM grids. EM-Tec FIB lift-out grids undergo a unique cleaning process to reduce contamination; this results in improved mounting and imaging of the TEM lamellas. Due to the manufacturing process, the copper FIB lift-out grids have a set-back ridge at the edge of the front side and exhibit smooth side walls. Packaging size is vial/100.


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