Tungsten SEM Filaments

The tungsten filaments manufactured by Energy Beam Sciences are used in all major brands of scanning and transmission electron microscopes. These high quality, high stability tungsten EM filaments, also called cathodes or electron emitters, are manufactured to excede the specifications of the original equipment manufacturers. These superior cathodes are made using high quality ceramic dics, exact size contact pins and high grade tungsten filament wire.

Special tools are used to produce the correct shape of the tungsten filament. All EBSciences tungsten filaments are precisely aligned and annealed in high vacuum to reduce stress in the filament. This will guarantee optimum stability, maximum brightness, longer lifetime and overall lower running costs.

Exclusive features of the EBS tungsten EM filaments are:
  • Minimum tip radius for coherent beam
  • Rigid attachment of filament wire to post to increase stability
  • Fully stress relieved for enhanced cathode lifetime
  • Polished post ends
  • Precise dimensions
  • Better long term economy

Please consult the following table for the correct type of tungsten filament for your SEM, TEM or Microprobe. The EBS tungsten filaments are available for FEI, Hitachi, ISI, JEOL, Philips, Tescan, Zeiss, LEO, Cambridge Instruments, Leica, AmRay, Pemtron and CamScan Electron Microscopes. filaments


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