JEOL NeoScope basic supplies

Basic sample preparation supplies

The folowing recommended basic SEM sample preparation supplies for the Phenom can be conveniently ordered from this page. Additional information can be found on the relevant product pages.
  • EM-Tec conductive silver paste or carbon paint to glue sample to sample stubs.
  • EM-Tec conductive copper SEM tape to make grounding paths
  • EM-Tec Silicon finder grid for either multiple small samples or correlative microscopy
  • Conductive tabs to adhere samples such as powder on sample stubs
  • EM-Tec stub gripper tweezers for the Ø9.5, Ø12.2 and Ø25mm JEOL cylinder sample stubs
  • EM-Tec preparation stands for the JEOL cylinder stubs
  • Value-Tec sample preparation tweezers
  • Value-Tec dust blower
  • Micro-Tec disposable scalpels
  • Micro-Tec white PE PrepBoard
  • Micro-Tec fine needlesor preparing smaller samples
  • Micro-Tec fine probes for preparing smaller samples


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