FEI/Philips stage adapters

These SEM stage adapters are directly compatible with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) SEM stage adapters. Replacement for original SEM stage adapter or to have an extra SEM stage adapter at hand or to increase efficiency by having your favourit SEM sample holders mounted on their own stage adapter. Also suitable as cost-effective replacement for worn-out or damaged stage adapters. Available for the following SEM brands/models:

  • FEI / Philips SEM stage adapters with 20, 40 and 50mm height all FEI / Philips SEM, FEGSEMs and DualBeam systems.
  • Hitachi new style T-Base adapter for Hitachi SU8200 series, SU8000 series, SU6600, SU-70 and S-4800 FESEMs
  • Hitachi stage adapter for the Hitachi TM3030plus, TM3030, TM3000 and TM1000 table top SEMs
  • Hitachi old style T-Base adapter for Hitachi S-4700, S-4500, S-4300, S-42300, S-4100, S-4000, S-800 FESEMs and S-3600N SEM.
  • Hitachi dovetail stage adapters for Hitachi SU3500, SU5000, FlexSEM 1000, S-3700N and S-3400N SEMs
  • Hitachi round base stage adapter for the Hitachi S3500 series, S3000 series and S2000 series SEMs
  • Hitachi stub extensions for all Hitachi SEMs and FESEMs
  • EM-Tec 10mm Hitachi M4 height extender

FEI / Philips stage SEM stage adapters with 20, 40 and 50mm height

The replacement FEI stage adapters are available in 20, 40 and 50mm height, including locking nuts and base. Each of the components is also separately available if needed. The FEI stage adapters include an M6 fine thread (M6F) with a pitch of 0.75mm. The pillar is made from self lubricating brass to prevent binding. The locking nuts and base are made from vacuum grade aluminium. All parts are interchangeable with the original FEI or Philips stage adapters. Three height are available:
  • 20mm short pillar for tall specimens
  • 40mm standard pillar
  • 50mm long pillar to bring thin specimens nearer to the pole piece of the SEM/FIB


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