EM-Tec Grid Boxes

EM-Tec TEM grid storage boxes

The EM-Tec TEM grid boxes offer a safe and practical way to handle, store, transport and ship TEM grids. They all have a clear acrylic plastic sliding lid. The individual storage positions are either numbered or indexed for easy identification and retrieval of the TEM grids. Materials used are reduced static white ABS for the grid box and clear odorless PMMA for the lid. Features

– Numbered or indexed storage positions for easy retrieval of the TEM grids.
– Reduced static ABS used for the grid boxes
– Clear odorless acrylic plastic sliding lid
– White for improved contrast

There are three types of the EM-Tec TEM grid boxes available:

– EM-Tec GB-100 is a practical standard type grid box with a clear plastic sliding lid and 100 diamond shaped cavities
– EM-Tec GB-30 has the same size of a 76x25mm (3”x1”) microscope slide with 30 “three” shaped cavities and a clear plastic sliding lid.

EM-Tec GB-4 cryo grid box

Round grid box with 4 diamond shaped positions, an index notch and a clear lid. The clear lid has a slot which can be rotated to access the cavities. It is held in place with a stainless steel #1 phillips pan head screw. Compatible with the FEI Vitrobot, Gatan CP3, Gatan 3500, Gatan 626 and Leica EM GP cryo systems.

– EM-Tec GB-4 cryo grid box with clear rotating lid and 4 diamond shaped cavities

– EM-Tec FIB lift-out grid storage boxes

The EM-Tec FSB-100 FIB lift-out grid storage boxes consist of an anti-static tray to hold up to 100 FIB lift-out grids or 100 each of the standard 3.05mm TEM grids. Complete with a clear polystyrene cover for easy location of the grids and clip to keep the cover on the tray. The grids are to be stored flat in the tray. The tray is made from anti-static black conductive polypropylene. The grids are stored in a 10×10 individual storage compartments, a flat on one corner to act as a reference. There is a choice of clips to hold the FSB-100 tray and cover together:

– single piece slide-on clip (100S) which holds the cover on two sides; easy one hand operation intended for storage.
– pair of band clips (100D) which are pushed over the tray and cover to give more pressure on the centre. This pair of band clips is preferred for shipping and transport

Gilder TEM grid storage boxes

Gilder grid boxes are available to store up to 50 or 100 standard 3.05mm TEM grids. Standard diamond shaped TEM grid storage compartments and clear plastic lids. A unique feature of the Gilder grid boxes is the window in the lid to to limit number of exposed storage compartments. The improve grid handling, the plastic of the boxes has undergone anti-static treatment. Both TEM grid boxes are intended for long term grid storage and routine grid handling:

– Gilder SB50 has 50 storage compartments and a unique rotating clear plastic lid which exposes only three positions at any time
– Gilder SB100 is a a high capacity TEM grid storage box with a clear plastic sliding lid and 100 diamond shaped compartments


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