EM-Tec GB-100 TEM grid storage box for 100 TEM grids



The practical GB-100 TEM grid boxes have a capacity of 100 standard 3.05mm TEM grids and are ideal for storing, shipping and routine handling. The EM-Tec GB-100 TEM grid box consists of two parts. The body with the storage cavities made from low reduced ABS. A clear oderless acrylic lid which slides over the body to close the cavities.
Safe storage is provide in the diamond shaped cavities. Only the rim of the TEM grid will touch the sides of the cavity. Each position is referenced with letters and numbers printed on the grid storage box. A TEM grid storage card is provided which each box to record in which positions the samples are stored. Dimensions of the EM-Tec GB-100 TEM grid box are: 75 x 55 x 6.5mm.

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Weight 40 g


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