Evaporation baskets

The alumina coated evaporation baskets are of novel design; combining the benefits of an evaporation basket with an alumina crucible. The result is a range of small alumina crucibles with highly efficient heating characteristics. The alumina coated basket forms an enclosure to hold the molten evaporation material. The power needed to heat this type of evaporation source is relatively low, making it compatible with lower power heating sources. The small size of the sources reduces the cost of evaporation materials. They are useful for thin film research, qualification experiments, physics, optical coating and manufacturing applications.

The alumina coated evaporation baskets offer the following field proven advantages:

– upward evaporation with excellent upwards evaporation profile
– easily mounted in standard evaporation source holders
– high evaporation rates
– long life time (alumina resists erosion by molten metals)
– compatible with small to medium power supplies
– usable for difficult to handle materials such as nickel and iron alloys
– choice of six sizes to meet requirements


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