Nano-Tec AFM/SPM 90 degrees sample mount, Ø12 x 4.5mm, magnetic


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The Nano-Tec 90 degrees sample mounts are intended for mounting or clamping AFM/SPM samples at 90 degrees to enable easy imaging of cross section or sides of a sample. They are all made from magnetic stainless steel (alloy 430) and can be used on AFM/SPM systems which include a magnet in the sample stage (same systems which are using magnetic metal specimen support discs). Available Nano-Tec AFM/SPM sample mount and holders are:

  • 1 AFM/SPM 90 degree sample mount to mount the cross section directly against the vertical side of the mount. Use a glue to adhere to the side. Avoid double stick tape since the sample could still move which would cause imaging artefacts. Dimensions are Ø12 x 4.5mm with a base thickness of 1mm on the thinner side.

Capacity, size and dimensions of the Nano-Tec 90 degree AFM/SPM sample mount and holders :

Product # Max. Thickness Dimensions Base thickness Sample mount methode AFM type stage
40-100612 6mm Ø12 x 4.5mm 1mm Glue /Adhesive Magnet

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