AFM / SPM Holders

The Nano-Tec 90 degrees sample mounts are intended for mounting or clamping AFM/SPM samples at 90 degrees to enable easy imaging of cross section or sides of a sample.

They are all made from magnetic stainless steel (alloy 430) and can be used on AFM/SPM systems which include a magnet in the sample stage (same systems which are using magnetic metal specimen support discs). Available Nano-Tec AFM/SPM sample mount and holders are:
  • AFM/SPM 90 degree sample mount to mount the cross section directly against the vertical side of the mount. Use a glue to adhere to the side. Avoid double stick tape since the sample could still move which would cause imaging artefacts. Dimensions are Ø12 x 4.5mm with a base thickness of 1mm on the thinner side.
  • AFM/SPM mini vice with a 4mm slot. The sample is securely held by a small set screw. This methode is quicker and keeps the sample and holder free from adhesives. Can be used for samples up to 4mm or for multiple thinner sample clamped agains each other. Dimensions are Ø12 x 4.5mm with a 4mm slot.
  • AFM/SPM sample holder with S-Clip to hold the sample or cross section securely up to a maximum thickness of 2mm. Ideal for thin sections or cross sections of silicon chips. Dimensions are Ø12 x 4.5mm with a base thickness of 1mm on the thinner side.
Product # Max. Thickness Dimensions Base thickness Sample mount methode AFM type stage
40-100612 6mm Ø12 x 4.5mm 1mm Glue /Adhesive Magnet
40-100412 4mm Ø12 x 4.5mm 1mm Screw Magnet
40-100212 2mm Ø12 x 4.5mm 1mm S-Clip Magnet


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