Preparation mats & tiles

For sample preparation, it is important to work on a dedicated preparation surface which is clean and optimised for the task at hand. Standard laboratory bench surfaces are not always ideal for sample preparation or could be easily damaged. The Micro-Tec selection of preparation tiles, trimming boards and cutting mats for the microscopy lab offers ideaal prepration surfaces for a wide range of applications. The current selection comprises:

  • Micro-Tec PrepTile are highly polished black granite preparation tiles in 15x15cm and 30x30cm
  • Micro-Tec PrepBoard is a sturdy white polyethylene cutting board with a size of 29.5 x 24.5cm
  • Micro-tec PrepPlate is a smooth hardened glass plate with a size of 36x26cm
  • Micro-Tec PrepMat selfhealing cutting mats in A5 and A4 formats for cutting and sample coring.

Granite Micro-Tec PrepTiles: The natural granite Micro-Tec PrepTiles serves as a practical support surface when a solid hard surface or level plane is needed. Suitable for preparation, sample mounting or as flat support for grinding and polishing. Also useful as reference plane for measurements and assembly when there is no space for a dedicated measuring table. Superior alternative for a glass plate.

Polyethylene (HDPE) Micro-Tec PrepBoard: The polyethylene (HDPE) Micro-Tec PrepBoard presents a solid yet soft enough support for precise cutting applications. The flat, non-patterned, polyethylene surface doesn't damage scalpels, blades and cutting knives, yet is it is stable enough to keep the samples flat so they won't flex away. The non-patterned surface (as found on standard cutting board) doesn't leave marks on your samples; can be used on both sides.

Glass Micro-Tec PrepPlate: The Micro-Tec PrepPlate is a smooth, hardened clear float glass plate which provides a clean and scratch resistant support for sample preparation. Easy to clean and exhibits good chemical resistance (same as lab glass ware). Excellent clean support surface for polishing applications, cutting, mincing and general sample preparation applications. Soft PVC Micro-Tec PrepMats: The Micro-Tec PrepMats are made of selfhealing, smooth PVC. The soft PVC top layer doesn't damage scalples, coring punches or cutting blades. Ideal for coring and repetitive cutting applications. Blue surface printed with guiding lines. Both sides can be used