Micro to Nano offers a wide selection of tweezers to cover virtually all applications areas. The choice of tweezers includes both general tweezers and highly specialised tweezers. The tweezers are divided in five distinct groups:
  • EM-Tec high quality tweezers, high precision tweezers for EM, sample prep and special applications in microscoscopy. Made from anti-magnetic stainless steel, titanium or carbon fiber filled plastics
  • EM-Tec SEM stub gripper tweezers are special tweezers to handle the grooved pin stubs and the cylinder stubs varying in size form 10-32mm diameter.
  • EM-Tec special tweezers for Gatan 3View pins and Cryo grid boxes
  • Micro-Tec tweezers for AFM application to handle AFM/SPM cantilevers and AFM discs, made from anti magnetic stainless steel
  • Value-Tec general purpose and industrial tweezers are fine, medium and strong tweezers with an excellent price point.