Cryo Grid Box Tweezers

The EM-Tec 553.AM precision cryo grid box handling are especially designed for handling the small cryo grid boxes used for storing TEM grid under liquid nitrogen. They can be used with the EM-Tec GB4 cryo grid box and other cryo grid boxes of similar design with a rotating lid and a central screw to hold the lid. With these tweezers you can pick up de cryo grid box by holding the head of the screw on the top. Designed for Ø5mm screw heads, but can be used for screw head sizes Ø3mm to Ø6mm. Length of these tweezers is 145mm.
The high quality, Swiss made EM-Tec 553.AM precision cryo grid box handling tweezers feature:

– polished edges for good contact,
– added length for safe handling in LN2
– matte anti-glare finish
– serrated handles for extra grip
– Cryo compatible, low carbon austenitic stainless steel
– optimized for Ø5mm screw heads (can be used from Ø3-6mm)


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