High Precision Super Alloy Tweezers

The EM-Tec high precision super alloy tweezers are Swiss made precision engineered high quality tweezers with smooth edges and a superior matte finish to reduce glare. These superior tweezers are made from a special Ni-Cr-Mo super alloy.

This super alloy is about six times harder than anti-magnetic stainless steel with the highest hardness at the tips. These super alloy tweezers can be continuously used at 600°C and exhibit excellent shape retention, fatigue resistance and extraordinary wear resistance. This strong material exhibits excellent corrosion resistance to salts, acids, solvents, oils and greases.

The EM-Tec high precision super alloy tweezers are fully non-magnetic and can be used in strong magnetic fields or to pick up magnetic samples. The application fields are wide ranging and include: sample preparation, microscopy preparation, handling in aggressive chemical environments, high temperature handling and handling of magnetic and electronics parts. Offered are 7 different styles of tweezers and a set of 5 in foam lined plastic wallet.



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