Sputter Targets

The high purity EM-Tec sputter targets are compatible with a wide variety of desk top sputter coaters. The sputter coaters are used to sputter a very thin layer of conductive metal on non-conductive sample in order to investigate these samples with a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The EM-Tec sputter targets are compatible with the following sputter or ion coater brands: Agar, Anatech/Technics, Bal-Tec, Bio-Rad, Cressington, Denton, Edwards, Emitech, EMS, Emscope, Gatan, Hummer, ISI, JEOL, Leica, Polaron, Quorum and SPI. Targets are relatively expensive due to the high purity of the precious metals which require multiple refining steps. A purity of 99.99% or close is desired to avoid any artefacts either in imaging or with EDX analysis.. The target material you are using because it is installed in the sputter coater might not be best choice and there are alternatives for many applications.

EM-Tec Disc Type Sputter Targets

The EM-Tec disc type sputter targets are made using high purity metal foils and are available in 60, 57, 54, 50 and 19mm diameter. Disc type sputter targets are widely used is all brands of sputter coaters. Most modern sputter coaters use a clamping ring to hold the target. Some older systems use a target support plate where the target needs to be bonded with the target plate by using silver paint or Indium.