EM-Storr vacuum storage

The EM-Tec EM-Storr vacuum sample storage container has been specifically developed by us, to store and protect SEM / FIB / TEM samples and calibration standards under vacuum. It protects valuable samples from air, moisture and dust. The superior EM-Storr vacuum container is constructed using high vacuum compatible materials: vacuum grade aluminim, a hardened safety glass lid, NBR O-ring and an all metal high vacuum valve with PTFE shaft seal.

The outside of the aluminium container is hard anodised for protection. To reduce outgassing and to hold vacuum for extended periods, the inside surface is machined vacuum grade aluminium with a glass lid. The EM-Storr vacuum desiccator is capable of reaching vacuum in the 10-4 mbar range. The vacuum connection for pump-down is a 6mm (1/4”) barbed hose fitting – compatible with 6mm thick wall silicon vacuum hose. The EM-Storr vacuum containers are stackable; the octagonal design is optimised for handling, strength and weight.

Features of the EM-Storr vacuum sample storage containers
  • Protects oxygen sensitive and/or moist sensitive samples
  • Protects samples and calibration standards against contamination
  • Firmly holds pin stubs or Hitachi M4 stubs in base
  • Compatible with EM-Tec GB-30 TEM grid boxes
  • Compatible with EM-Tec FSB100S FIB grid boxes
  • Ideal for storing and transporting sensitive samples
  • Clear hardened glass lid provides excellent vacuum seal
  • Easy sample location through clear glass lid
  • Sturdy, space-saving stackable and octagonal design
  • Vacuum grade aluminium / glass construction
  • Special version with large chamber for bulk/large samples

Style Product # Samples Chamber / Dimen. Capacity
EM-Storr 81P 13-001050-P Pin stubs Ø80 x 13mm 120x120x42mm 19 x Ø12.7mm or 7 x Ø25.4mm or 2 x Ø32mm or 1 x Ø38/Ø50/Ø63mm pin stub
EM-Storr 81H 13-001050-H Hitachi M4 stubs Ø80 x 13mm 120x120x42mm 19 x Ø15mm or 7 x Ø25mm or 2 x Ø32mm or 1 x Ø50/Ø63mm cylinder stub
EM-Storr 81T 13-001050-T TEM grids Ø80 x 13mm 120x120x42mm 2 x 30 TEM grids in the EM-Tec #28-0010130 GB-30 TEM storage box
EM-Storr 81F 13-001050-F FIB lift-out grids Ø80 x 13mm 120x120x42mm 1 x 100 FIB lift-out grids in the EM-Tec #28-002100 FSB100S FIB grid storage box
EM-Storr 83L 13-001052-L Bulk / large samples Ø80 x 26mm 120x120x44mm Large samples, maximum size Ø80 x 25mm or 4 x 30 TEM grids or 2 x 100 FIB grids

13-001050 EM Storr


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