Conductive Lift-N-Press double sided adhesive tabs, Ø12.5mm



The conductive Lift-N-Press double sided premium adhesive tabs consists of a thin film of strong, conductive adhesive with a diameter of approximately 12.5mm.  They are over 99% transparent for EDS with small amounts of nickel (0.6%) and copper (<0.3%) to improve conductivity. The conductive Lift-N-Press adhesive tabs provide excellent adhesion, even on “difficult” surfaces.
To use: lift the tab of the backing sheet, press the sticky surface to the mount, then peel back the tag leaving the adhesive behind. For smaller samples, the tabs can be cut to the desired size before removing from the backing sheet. The adhesive tabs can be easily removed with isopropanol or acetone. Excellent adhesion to smooth surfaces of metals, plastics, glass, paper, and small particles or fibers.
Compatible with Ø12.7mm pin stubs, Ø12.2mm JEOL stubs and Ø15mm Hitachi stubs. The benefits of these premium conductive Lift-N-Press adhesive tabs over regular carbon tabs are:

  • Excellent conductivity
  • Easy removal of backing tag
  • High strength thin adhesive (50µm) combined with high tack
  • Smoother surface for better particle detection
  • Longer shelf life and lower out-gassing

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