Double sided polyimide heat resistant tapes


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Double sided polyimide heat resistant tapes

The double sided polyimide tape consists of a polyimide film with silicon adhesive on both sides. The tape is wound between two polyester liners. The two liners make clean handling of the tape easy: cut to required length, unwind the tape from the first liner and leave on the second liner. Apply tape and remove second liner. Tape material and adhesive is the same as for the single sided polyimide (Kapton) tapes.
Available in widths of 5 to 50mm with a tape length of 20m. Clean 76mm diameter plastic core.

Specifications of the double sided polyimide (Kapton) tape:

Tape material polyimide
Adhesive Silicone adhesive
Color Gold to amber
Film thickness 0.025mm
Adhesive thickness 0.035mm (2x)
Tape thickness 0.095mm (without liner)
Liner thickness 0.1mm (2×0.05mm)
Total tape thickness 0.195 mm (with double liner)
Adhesive strength 6N / 25mm
Tape strength 200 kPa
Elongation at break 60%
Dielectric strength 6.5 kV
Chemical resistance Excellent to acids, oils and solvents
Use temperature range -75 to +260 °C
Length 20m
Core diameter 76mm (3”)

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5mm x 20m, 10mm x 20m, 12mm x 20m, 20mm x 20m, 25mm x 20m, 50mm x 20m


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