Glass Microscope Slides

Premier quality Micro-Tec glass microscope slides are made from optically clear and corrosion resistant select quality soda lime glass. All slides comprise precision ground edges are are pre-cleaned. This low iron soda lime glass has no notable interference from UV light in the 250-350nm range. Currently available slides are:

  • standard plain slides, 75 x 25mm, with precision ground edges,
  • large plain slides, 76 x 51mm, with precision ground edges.
  • concavity slides ,76 x 25mm, with optically clear single well or double wells. Ideal for liquid samples and tissue cultures. Well size is 15mm diameter and 0.5-0.55mm deep.

Specifications of the Micro-Tec glass microscope slides
SKU # Type Edge Slide material Dimensions Precleaned Packaging
51-001201 Plain, standard ground Soda lime glass 76 x 25 x1.1mm yes Box/12
51-001206 Plain, standard ground Soda lime glass 75 x 25 x 1mm yes Box/72
51-001211 Plain, single well ground Soda lime glass 76 x 25 x1.1mm yes Box/12
51-001212 Plain, double well ground Soda lime glass 76 x 25 x1.1mm yes Box/12
51-001232 Large plain ground Soda lime glass 76 x 51 x1.1mm yes Box/72
Typical chemical composition of soda lime glass mircroscope slides
Compound Wt%
SiO2 72.2
Na2O 14.3
CaO 6.4
MgO 4.3
Al2O3 1.2
K2O 1.2
SO3 0.03
Fe2O3 0.03
TiO2 0.01
Typical physical properties of soda lime glass microscope slides
Parameter Value/unit
Light transmission, total solar 91.5%
Refractive index 1.517 at 546.07nm
Density 2.48 g/cm3
Hardness 6 Mohs scale
Coefficient of expansion 90.6 x 10-7 °C
Poission's ratio 0.2
Strain Point 494°C
Annealing temperature 545°C
Softening temperature 720°C
Melting temperature 1675°C


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