Quartz Microscope Slides

The Micro-Tec quartz microscope slides and coverslips are primarily used for microscopy applications where enhanced UV transparency is needed. Other applications include requirements for improved optical performance, reduced light absorption, high temperature stability, chemical stability and UV radiation transparency.

The Micro-tec quartz microscope slides and quartz coverslips are made from type GE124 high purity fused quartz. This has been the choice of quartz for microscopy applications for many decades. The Micro-Tec quartz slides are available in 4 sizes, the quartz coverslips in 7 sizes with two different thicknesses. For improved optical performance consider using the 0.5mm thick coverslips as substrate.

Specifications summary for the Micro-Tec quartz slides and quartz coverslips:
Quartz material type GE 124 fused quartz
Material purity 99.995% or better
Chemical Formula SiO2
Optical transparency range 190 - 4200nm
Low absorbance optical transparency range 260 - 2600nm
Maximum temperature use 1250°C
Surface flatness ±1 degree
Surface roughness 60/40 scratch dig
Size tolerance ±0.13mm


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