EM-Tec Lab Scissors

The EM-Tec microscopy laboratory scissors are made from select grade hardened AISI 410 stainless steel. They comprise fine cutting blades and offer good corrosion resistance, good wear resistance and high strength. This EM-Tec range of scissors has been especially selected for microscopy, laboratory, preparation and dissection applications.

The EM-Tec microscopy lab scissors are useful for a variety of microscopy sample preparation and cutting tasks. They are available in different sizes and tip styles:

  • blunt/blunt tips (safety tips)
  • sharp/blunt tips
  • sharp/sharp tips
  • straight tips
  • curved tips

Additionally offered are the EM-Tec Vannas type micro scissors for precision preparation applications, including dissection. The EM-Tec Vannas type micro scissors include fine pointed sharp blades and ambidextrous spring loaded handles which revert to the original open state. Choice of straight or curved precision cutting blades on the Vannas type micro scissors.

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