Barrier Foil Ziplock Bags

Introduction Micro-Tec ziplock barrier foil bags

Micro-Tec ziplock barrier foil bags are ideal for storing and protecting samples. Especially light and moisture sensitive samples. They are re-sealable with the ziplock seal and can be heat-sealed above the ziplock for permanent storage. Tear notches are provided for easy removal of the permanent seal. The bags are constructed as pouches with a wider bottom. The Micro-Tec ziplock barrier foil bags protect samples against:

  • moisture
  • light (UV)
  • oxygen
  • dust
  • general environmental influences

The barrier foil thickness is 79µm with a laminate construction of 12µm PET, 7µm Aluminium foil and 60µm PE. The laminate construction makes these barrier foil bags though and virtually impermeable to moisture. They are available in 5 sizes from 100 -1000ml in packages of 25.

Specifications of barrier foil material:


Laminate PET / Al / PE

Foil thickness:   Total
Aluminium foil
79 µm
12 µm
7 µm
60 µm
Weight 98 g/m2
Oxygen permeability (23°C, 0% relative humidity) 0.1 CC / m2 / 24h
Water vapour permeability (33,7°C, 90% relative humidity) 0.01 g / m2 / 24h
Welding temperature 165 °C
Resistance of side welds 8.55 kg/15mm
Resistance of bottom weld 9.3 kg/15mm
Size tolerance ± 3 mm
Foil thickness tolerance ± 7%


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