EM-Tec Nylon gloves

EM-Tec knitted nylon gloves

The EM-Tec knitted nylon gloves are intended for clean handling of sensitive parts, optics, and assemblies without leaving fingerprints. Useful for handling parts for SEM, TEM, FIB or high vacuum systems. The knitted nylon fabric is more comfortable than nitrile or latex gloves. Can be used multiple times, low particle shedding. Stretchable fabric, supplied as a one size fits all with an elastic cuff, ambidextrous.  Colour is white and sold as one pair.

  • Knitted nylon fabric
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Cleaner than cotton gloves
  • One size fits all, ambidextrous
  • Elastic cuff

EM-Tec  ESD safe polyurethane coated nylon gloves

The EM-Tec polyurethane gloves are suitable for longer wearing periods and protect better against contamination. These are finely knitted nylon gloves which are coated with a thin layer of ESD safe polyurethane on the inside (palm and fingers). They also offer puncture and abrasion resistance with a breathable back for comfort.  The polyurethane coated nylon gloves are a superior alternative for pseudo-leather gloves. The anti-static polyurethane coating makes these gloves ESD safe. Available in sizes M and L. Colour is white and sold as one pair.

  • Knitted nylon fabric with PU coating
  • Low particle shedding
  • ESD safe
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Size M or L
  • Elastic cuff


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