Sticky Cleaning Swabs



The Micro-Tec ESD safe sticky cleaning swabs are especially designed to remove particles from surfaces. The anti-static treatment of the plastic handles dissipates electrostatic charges, making them suitable for cleaning electrostatic sensitive components. The tip of the Micro-Tec ESD safe sticky cleaning swabs is coated with a soft absorbent gel which picks up particles. With the sticky cleaning swab you can remove contaminating particles, not displacing them and not causing cross contamination. Applications are removing particles, lint, debris from hard or difficult to reach areas, cleaning optical devices, removing particles from surfaces, cleaning components and removing contamination particles. The Micro-Tec ESD safe sticky cleaning swabs are available in three sizes (Ø1mm,
Ø2mm and Ø3mm heads) and are sold ready-to-use in boxes of 10 and 25.

  • Remove particles, not displace
  • ESD safe to avoid static discharges
  • Suitable for static sensible products
  • Cleaning room compatible (class 10-100)
  • Soft gel absorbent, non-scratching tip
  • Does not leave adhesive residue
  • Does not release particles


Operation instructions:

  • Ensure a clean work area and select the correct size sticky cleaning swab
  • use tweezers to remove the sticky cleaning swab from the try. Avoid touching other swabs to prevent cross contamination
  • For best result, use the swab at a 60-90 degrees’ angle
  • Lightly touch particulate to be removed; use minimal force (about 10g) to avoid damaging sensitive surfaces
  • Do not wipe with the sticky cleaning swab
  • Do not re-use the sticky cleaning swab to prevent secondary contamination
  • Remove used sticky cleaning swabs from work area

Note: Do not expose the sticky cleaning swabs to temperatures 30°C (85°F). Store in a cool dark place and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.


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