Vacuum pick-up tools

Vacuum pick-up tools are ideal for picking up lightweight and flat items without touching them by hand or with sharp tools. Delicate items or surfaces won't be scratched. Can be used for coverslips, Si substrates, quartz substrates, small componets, parts and samples.

The lifting capacity of the vacuum pick-up tools depends on:
  • the vacuum generated in the vacuum pick-up tool
  • the material surface
  • thesize of the pick -up cup; see lifting capacity table.

The lifting capacity and lifting time both increases when surfaces are flat and smooth (polished). Vacuum pick-up pens will not work on porous surfaces. The components of the vacuum pick-up tools generally are a body to generate vacuum, interchangeable vacuum needle tips and vacuum cups which fit on the needles to increase lifting capacity.

Estimated lifting capacity table
Needle/ Cup size diameter in mm Estimated lifting capacity in grammes
1.3mm tip (18 gauge) only < 1
1.9mm tip (16 gauge) only 1
3mm vacuum cup 7
4mm vacuum cup 12
5mm vacuum cup 18
6mm vacuum cup 25
7mm vacuum cup 35
9mm vacuum cup 55
10mm vacuum cup 70
Both of the Micro-Tec vacuum pick-up tools offered are ESD safe to avoid static discharge:
  • Micro-Tec ESD safe mini vacuum pick-up tool with a bulb type vacuum pump
  • Micro-Tec ESD Safe vacuum pick-up pen with a high performance piston type vacuum pump


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