Micro-Tec Wafer Carrier Tray


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The Micro-Tec wafer carrier trays are specifically designed to ship, transport or store semiconductor wafers. Primarily designed to hold thin silicon wafers, but are equally suitable for glass, quartz, sapphire, GaAs and other thin round wafers in sizes from Ø1” to 6” or Ø25 to 150mm.

These wafer carriers are also known as coin shippers. They comprise of three parts: base, spider spring and locking cap. The inside of the base is concave to ensure that the wafers are held at the edges only. The spider spring holds the wafer in place once the cap is locked to the base. Made of translucent, natural polypropylene and available in sizes of 1” to 6” or equivalent 25 to 150mm diameter. Sold in packages of 5.

Micro-Tec wafer carrier tray specifications:

Product # For wafer Size Outside dimensions
10-008191 1” / 25mm Ø33 x 10mm
10-008192 2” / 51mm Ø60 x 11mm
10-008193 3” / 76mm Ø84 x 11mm
10-008194 4” / 100mm Ø110 x 11mm
10-008196 6” / 150mm Ø160 x 11mm

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1'' / 25mm diameter, 2'' / 51mm diameter, 3'' / 76mm diameter, 4'' / 100mm diameter, 6'' / 150mm diameter


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